Game White Paper


In a world occupied by monsters and bosses, battles and sieges between guilds led by the strongest players is coming to head. War of GAMA, one of the most exciting Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game “MMORPG” of this decade, is waiting for you to start your adventure.

Role playing games (RPGs) have historically made up some of the most well-loved and iconic games in video game history. RPGs deliver players into virtual game worlds where they are faced with adventures, challenges, and unique characters. The RPG genre has changed dramatically over the past few years. From pen and paper to tabletop, from desktop to mobile, this genre is barely recognizable from just a few years ago. Following innovations in technology, an increasing number of high-fidelity RPGs have come to mobile, featuring fleshed out gameplay and advanced 3D graphics. Recent successes include Genshin Impact which surpassed $3 billion in global lifetime player spending across the App Store and Google Play Store.

There are a few gameplay elements that these titles have in common in their success. Interesting characters, unique storylines, and perhaps most importantly, a clear goal for players to complete in an interactive and immersive game story offer novel experiences to players in RPG game worlds.

RPG gamers have long been held back by a lack of digital ownership over their virtual gaming assets and have gotten little in return for spending immense time and effort on their favorite games. We are currently at the forefront of the next technological revolution, all beginning with blockchain gaming. Blockchain allows gamers to experiment with unprecedented ways to earn in-game assets and enables advanced play-to-earn mechanics. Unlike traditional games, where users do not have true ownership of their digital assets and frequently invest hundreds of dollars in custodian in-game items with little to show for it, War of GAMA takes advantage of the opportunities that blockchain technology provides to give value back to its community.

The quality of blockchain games that have been produced thus far has been mainly disappointing, frequently lacking a meaningful story or advanced gaming mechanics to back up their technology. One of the key reasons for this tendency is that blockchain technology in gaming is still a relatively new concept and creating excellent games with these attributes takes time. Many developers have rushed low-quality games to market in order to capitalize on the increasing popularity of blockchain gaming, but War of GAMA differentiates itself with truly deep and interesting game mechanics..

The War of GAMA team has seen the opportunities that Web 3.0 has to offer players and are pioneering true digital ownership in the gaming world. War of GAMA is poised to be the next big thing in blockchain gaming, so prepare to be blown away by the potential that this dark mystical themed MMORPG has to offer


Most traditional MMORPGs tend to have long and tedious mission processes. Traditional MMORPGs usually consume large amounts of time killing numerous low-level monsters to level up and deplete players’ resources quickly, thus reducing players’ retention in the long run. Furthermore, players often have to stay online for many hours, pay for rare items in order to win in game, only to see the rarity of paid items lose their value over time, further compounding players’ retention issues.

Unlike most games, War of GAMA is a dark mystical themed MMORPG that includes most of the well-loved classic elements of RPG, and removal of large amounts of training time through idling gameplay to create an unprecedented MMO experience.

War of GAMA combines blockchain technology to achieve the concept of Fight & Earn, which allows players to earn tokens through "kills", and to enjoy PVE and PVP in MMORPGs, while enabling players to enjoy the game's battles and the actual realization of the game's behavior, creating a new form of gaming never seen before.

With a sophisticated game economy, a focus on community building, and an expansive world for players to interact online, War of GAMA, like many MMORPG games, has a ton of aspects that fit in well with the prevailing themes in blockchain gaming.

War of GAMA incorporates concepts from best-in-class Korean MMORPGs and westernizes its characters to raise market acceptance. The game technical requirements are carefully designed to be minimal to cater to a larger group of users. The game is optimized for better gameplay with an idling system to ensure good user experience, and high-quality graphical details to match real MMO experience.

The bold strategy to include blockchain technology into the game will give players actual digital ownership of their cherished in-game items. A change from the conventional MMORPG model, where players aren't even permitted to sell the in-game items they earn or buy, it will create a system that allows players to convert the time they spend on the game into personal assets. By integrating with the blockchain, players' assets will truly be their own and can be bought, sold and exchanged at any time.

Additionally, the introduction of crypto-tokens introduces a new paradigm for War of GAMA players. Gamers will have the chance to receive rewards for their in-game time as they play the games they enjoy. Tokens open up new opportunities for gamers to gain a tradeable item as they go through the game, take down bosses, finish dungeons, and level up their characters. For various player classes, these tokens will be extremely useful. Tokens will enable people who have the necessary amount of time to grind but may not have the money available for in-game purchases to make money based just on their motivation to play and compete. In-game purchases enable players who enjoy the game but lack the time for grinding to advance more quickly in some areas.

Beyond the blockchain, our primary goal for War of GAMA is to carry on interactive and enjoyable gaming. War of GAMA will put entertainment value first, unlike many blockchain games that have struggled to provide players with an enjoyable experience beyond play-to-earn. In terms of digital ownership and enjoyment, we want to provide a digital experience for players that transcends both the traditional gaming scene and the blockchain gaming landscape. We view this market as being relatively untapped by games today, and it is our mission to bridge the gap that exists between traditional gaming and the blockchain.

We intend to keep expanding the War of GAMA universe and enhancing the user interface for gamers, collectors, and blockchain aficionados. Building and expanding the social features of our game will be essential to creating an immersive community ecology since we want the War of GAMA community to be the primary emphasis of this project. We intend to link War of GAMA to the metaverse (MetaCity M) and create a hub where all gamers may connect, gather, and share their virtual assets in the future.

War of GAMA aims to redefine the existing concepts of all players through the above-mentioned features. A classic blockchain game should not only be profitable, but more importantly, fun, because the game is the essence of the product. The only way to create a historical presence for a new type of MMORPG is to have an indestructible depth of game system with a mature and stable token economy cycle.


World View

In the ancient middle age, the world tree was the source of life for the entire world and continent. The world tree gave birth to the Hetland Continent, a mythical world full of dragons and knights, magicians and elves. Within the Hetland Continent, the lords and knights govern their own territories and people provide labor in exchange for land. The social and economic systems are constructed under a feudal system.

Story Background

In the western sea of the mainland, a space-time rift appeared above the forgotten island. Legendary ancient powerful monsters and sealed monsters invaded the entire continent again. Brave adventurers, experienced in hunting ferocious monsters, gathered together to form powerful alliances to defeat the great evil. Along with the invading monsters, there are magic swords and armors of legendary heroes within the continent waiting to be found. Fight against the invasion of monsters, find the trail of legendary swords and armor, and become the strongest warrior!



Main Story

Half-blood elves are a hybrid of human and elf, and have a natural spiritual connection with the World Tree. Only the blood of half-blood elves can activate the power given by the World Tree. The World Tree comes with great power and can transform half-blood elves into different forms of creatures and heroic spirits. A mysterious legendary mage found the descendants of these lost half-blood elves in the eastern part of the continent, and trained them to grow in order to activate the power of the world tree to complete the fate of sealing monsters. The legendary demon sealing magic swords and armor were sealed in the Tower of Time and Space on the Forgotten Island in the Western Region. Three holy seals are required to unlock the seal. Each of these seals is distributed in the eastern, northern, and southern regions of the mainland. The protagonist sets off on an adventurous journey throughout the continent in search of the keys.


The video game industry has seen massive growth, driven by the layering of new platforms and business models. When the internet came along, video games responded by embracing new genres like MMOs and battle royale, new business models like free-to-play and virtual goods, and new complementary behaviors like streaming.

Despite its popularity, this booming industry still faces many challenges such as guaranteeing fair play models and creating effective payment systems. Upcoming technologies like blockchain are solving these pain points. At its core, blockchain tech introduces decentralized and secure solutions that can be used to power a wide range of functions within the gaming industry. We now see a whole new huge market opportunity at the intersection of web 3 and gaming. Blockchain gaming and play-to-earn games have started to disrupt the traditional gaming landscape in the past few years and continue to make advancements through their revolutionary technology.

20% of NFT sales volume in 2021 was gaming-related assets, 49% of crypto wallet activity comes from games and there are currently 50+ live web 3 games with more than 1k on chain users each. The play-to-earn business model has attracted over US$4.8 billion in investments, while blockchain gaming has a market capitalization that exceeds US$55 billion as of Feb 2022 and is expected to grow 10x faster than traditional gaming. We are just beginning to see the potential of web3 gaming, and we are at the early-innings of the hyper-adoption process that War of GAMA will be at the forefront of as gamers seek to break the custodian chains of the traditional gaming market and enjoy actual ownership of their in-game assets.

Beyond the blockchain, role-playing games remain one of the top gross genres on mobile, with RPG games accounting for more than 20% of global mobile revenues. In 2020, global mobile game revenue stands at $86.9B and $18.5B comes from RPG mobile games. Notably, RPGs are much more popular and influential in the east than in the west, where the 3 Eastern Asian markets (China, Korea, and Japan) contributed to more than 70% of the global RPG revenues in 2020.

Based on these market trends and dynamics, War of GAMA’s multi-decade years of experience in Eastern Asian markets should allow them to capture market opportunities quickly by being a first mover in the blockchain space.


Codex is a complete collection system in the game of War of GAMA which grants the player certain permanent attributes when a collection of a specific combination in the codex is complete. There are in total 3 collection systems: morph card codex, spirit codex and equipment codex.

Morph Cards:

Players can obtain a combination of transformation cards of the specified type and quality to obtain permanent attribute bonuses.


Players can obtain a combination of summoning spirits of the specified type and quality to obtain permanent attribute bonuses.

  • The first time you get a morph card or spirit, it is automatically included in the codex.
  • Collecting a specific combination of morph cards and spirits will have additional ability bonuses. The effect of the codex is a permanent ability value, which helps to improve the character's combat effectiveness.
  • The morph card and the spirits codex can be filtered and viewed, divided into ability value, attack type, defense type, and auxiliary type, which makes it convenient for players to sort their collections. There are also statistics for the current collection of morph cards, spirits, sets, and the current collection bonus.

Equipment Codex

Obtain attribute bonuses by submitting the corresponding equipment activation codex. Players collect equipment and props combinations of specified types and enhancement levels.

  • Bound Equipment Codex - Only bound equipment can registered.
  • Non-Bound Equipment Codex - Only non-bound equipment can be registered.
  • Event Equipment Codex – Only event equipment can be registered.
  1. Three codices can be filtered to view different types of benefits, which are divided into four types: ability value, attack type, defense type, and auxiliary type. At the same time, you can also check the completion rate of your own codex through statistics.
  2. Equipment codex is different from the spirits codex and the morph card codex. The equipment needs to be registered to start the equipment codex. After the equipment is registered, the equipment will be destroyed. Therefore, if other entries require the same equipment, you need to obtain or create equipment for registration.


Players can have the option for their characters to fight offline without starting the game to gain experience. Each map has different idling training points, with monsters of different strengths and different experiences. Players need to set the idling point of each map and choose which map to idle while going on offline.

Automated training requires the consumption of specified resources, and players need to consume gold coins to reserve resources for idling. Once the resource is exhausted, the automated training ends. Items that exceed the backpack capacity will not be picked up.

All characters under each account of each player share 6 hours of free offline idling time every day. The offline idling privilege can be extended to 12 hours of offline idling time per day by purchasing diamonds. The daily duration resets at GMT+8 5AM.



Types of monsters include humans, dwarves, orcs, elves (Archer), animals,
demons and undead.

Individual Bosses

Players can enter the dungeon to challenge the boss by accepting a bounty task, and even request help. Completing the challenge awards points and rewards. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards. Finally, players will be ranked according to the total score of the task, and the players will receive rewards based on their rank.

Raid Bosses

Players can choose different levels of bosses to challenge within a certain time. All players can participate in the raid boss during the hunting period. Players will be ranked according to the damage, and the final reward will be obtained according to the final damage ranking. If you successfully kill the boss, you can also get exclusive rewards and kill rewards.

Wild Bosses

A wild boss that randomly appears on a specific map at a specific time requires players to find their exact location and compete with other players for the kill. There are exclusive rewards for successfully killing the wild boss.



Gears are divided into White, Green, Blue, Red, and Purple.

Individual character gear attributes:

spell cooldown reduction, strength, agility, intelligence, accuracy, defense, attack speed, magic defense, HP,
MP. The attribute differs across different characters’ gears.

General gears:

equipment and clothing are not affected by occupation and comes with balanced attributes.

Enhance System
Gears are classified according to weapons, armor, and accessories, and will provide stats and attributes to the character. Equipping certain items
which are part of a set will grant additional attributes and bonuses. Gears can be upgraded by consuming the corresponding
weapon/armor/accessory enhancement scrolls. Successful enhancement will improve the basic attributes of the equipment. When the
enhancement level reaches a certain level, additional attributes will be unlocked. These additional attributes will be random.

Enhanced durability starts from 0, different gears have different “safety'' ranges from 0 to 6. If the durability is within the safety range, the gear
won’t be destroyed during the enhancement process if the enhancement fails. If the durability is higher than the safety range, the gear will be
permanently destroyed if the enhancement fails. The maximum safety range is 6 for weapons, 4 for armor, and 0 for accessories.

Stats will increase with every successful enhancement and additional attributes will be awarded for special gear.
In addition, you can craft the gears by collecting enough crafting materials and spending a certain amount of currency. Crafting has a
success rate, and there is a probability of failure (the materials will be lost). The higher the quality of equipment, the higher the probability
of failure.

Except for certain gears which cannot be disassembled, gears can be disassembled by consuming “Item Dissolver”. Materials obtained by
disassembling equipment can be used to craft new equipment.

Equipment crafting system:
According to the equipment crafting hints, by sufficient materials and spending a certain amount of currency, players have a chance of success and failure. Major successes are rewarded with unbound equipment, regular successes with bound equipment. Item crafting has a chance of failure which can be checked in the crafting menu.

How to obtain:

Gears can be obtained from monster drops, crafting, purchased from in game shop, special events and trade with other players.


Skills allow players to buff themselves or debuff enemies. Skills are divided into class skills, common skills.

All class skills and common skills can be either active or passive. Active skills require players to manually click to activate and consume mana and have a cooldown time. On the other hand, passive skills automatically provide their stated bonuses once learned.

Class skills:

Knight, Mage and Elf(Archer) all have their own unique skills that are inaccessible to the other classes.

Common skills:

Common skills are available to all classes. According to characters from each class, and the preference of attributes, players can choose the common skills that are most suitable for their respective class and play styles. Alternatively, players can use common skills to create hybrid and unique characters such as warrior mage, archmage etc.

How to obtain:

Skills are learned using skill books. Skill books could be obtained through purchasing from skill merchants, defeating bosses, trading between players, crafting and completing quests for rewards.


Spirits are player summoned companions to assist in battle. The summoning spirits will not directly participate in the battle, but will provide players with attributes and buffs. Players need to consume summoning scrolls to summon spirits. The spirits disappear after a set period of time. Summoned spirits are divided into four qualities: White, Green, Blue, and Red. Red quality spirits have some of the most powerful and unique attributes and in turn offer the greatest benefits to players but are also some of the hardest to obtain. The summoning spirit not only provides various combat benefits, such as increased ranged damage and increased hit chance, but also gives other additional benefits such as increased experience gain and increased gold earn rate. The summoning spirit is not class-restricted, rather players are required to choose the most suitable summoning spirit to assist in the battle to maximize the synergies with the individual classes’ characteristics. Players can view the spirits that they currently own in the “Spirits” tab. The frame represents the quality, and the value n in the lower right corner indicates that the player currently has n+1 summoned spirits. For example, if a player has 3 Golems, 2 will be displayed in the lower right corner. If the player has only one Golem, the number will not be displayed. This number helps make rerolling more convenient for players. Players can click the summoning spirit to view the attributes of the summoning spirit.


Half blood-elves can activate their world tree-given powers and morph into powerful creatures and heroic spirits. Through the use of morph cards, players can change their appearance, increase their stats, and gain whole new powers, increase experience rate, and gold earn rate for a limited time. Players will transform back to their normal form once the time limit expires. Each morph card has its own unique appearance and bonus attributes, such as increased attack speed, increased movement speed, increased casting speed, etc which are randomly allocated. Morph cards are categorized into 4 main types: melee, range, magic, and hybrid. Different morph cards need to be used with corresponding types of weapons to maximize their effectiveness. The morph cards are divided into white, green, blue, red and purple, in ascending order of rarity.

Below are some of the characteristics of the morphing system:

Morph Card Rarity Attributes:

The lowest tier morph card is white and the highest tier is purple. In general, the rarer the morph card, the more powerful it is. The higher tier morph cards usually have more ability bonuses, but the corresponding acquisition probability is much lower in comparison to lower tier cards. Purple cards cannot be obtained from normal game play and can only be obtained through the synthesis of 4 red cards.

Morph Card Rerolls:

Every 4 morph cards of the same tier can be “Re-rolled" once. The synthesis result is random. If you are lucky, there is a chance to synthesize into a higher tier morph card, and if you are unlucky the resulting morph card will be of the same tier.

Morph Codex:

After collecting a specific combination of morph cards, players will benefit from additional bonuses from their “Morph Codex". The more morph cards a player collects, the stronger they will become.

Red Card Doubles:

When a player obtains a red morph card, there are five chances to spend diamonds in a limited time. By taking this option, players will not have to worry about drawing the same red transformation card again.

How to Obtain:

Morph cards can be acquired through the card-draw system in the marketplace. You can also get daily morph cards by purchasing a gift pack or gold coins.

Mission and Quest

Main Storyline Missions

Players will be able to experience the hero’s journey through a series of missions with complete game story background.

Oracle Quests

Players can receive and complete 10 random oracle quests on the oracle quest bulletin board every day. These tasks are categorized according to player level and map area, each with different difficulties and different rewards. The rewards are divided into basic rewards and random rewards. The basic rewards are guaranteed from the pool while the random rewards are randomly awarded from the 5 available rewards for that quest. The quest bulletin board is automatically refreshed once a day, or you can spend gold tokens to reroll individual tasks once, up to 10 times, and you need to consume diamonds to refresh it beyond the 10 times a day limit. Further, the task rewards will also be refreshed when the task goal is refreshed. In total, a player can refresh the missions 20 times per day. In addition to the daily limited oracle quest bulletin board quests, players can also kill monsters to obtain quest scrolls. There is no limit to the number of oracle quests obtained from the quest scrolls, and the quests received by the quest scrolls can contain specific rewards such as equipment, skill books, props, materials, and tokens. Quest scrolls can be purchased in the shop using gold coins. The oracle coin produced by the oracle quest can be purchased and exchanged in the designated token store.

Records the achievements of all players, including the amount of monsters killed and completion of oracle quests. Complete achievement goals to earn rewards.

Daily Missions
Divided into daily, weekly, and monthly missions, completing these provides great rewards. Tasks will repeat across a certain period of time.


Knight ---Knight has strong physical power and huge melee attacks. The knight can use all melee weapons, such as knives, swords, daggers, and more. With a high defense, the most important thing to a Knight is strength and stamina.

Elf (Archer) ---An elite ranger specializing in agility and natural magic. The Elf has a great balance in their abilities. The Elf's weapon of choice is the bow and arrow, which can kill any enemy from a distance. The Elf values physical power, agility, and intelligence in equal amounts.

Mage ---A mysterious wizard who exploits the elements of nature for great power. The Mage's best friend is their staff, with all kinds of magic casts. The Mage has mastered all the elements and can casts wind, fire and electricity spells. Featuring powerful ranged abilities, the Mage values mental and intelligence most.


On the mobile idling map, you will encounter players near the same map. You can choose to challenge nearby players, and you will get corresponding rewards after killing them

Revenge System:

For a certain period of time, you can move to the enemy's side to fight back.


The top 1-20 will get specific attribute bonuses.

Blood Pledges:

After players reach level 20, they can join a blood pledge, or consume a certain number of diamonds to create their own blood pledge. In the main interface of the blood pledge, you can see the current number, ranking, level and experience of the blood pledge. You can also view current rival pledges with your own pledge and allied pledges. Events will record the actions of blood pledge members, such as joining and exiting. Players can sign in once a day at the sign in the office. The more the total number of sign ins in the blood pledge, the higher the reward, and sign ins earn honor coins. All blood pledge members, including the guild leader, will be logged in after they have signed in. According to the number of blood pledge members who signed in the previous day, it is decided to receive the corresponding rewards on the next day. The blood pledge sign in count resets at a fixed point every morning. Blood pledges have level growth. Players can contribute to upgrades. Daily donations will contribute EXP required for the blood pledge to upgrade. The blood pledge level upgrade will provide members with stronger buffs and unlock more goods at the blood pledge merchants.

Blood Pledge Training Ground:

The blood pledge training ground is open at all times. Players can enter the training field by consuming honor coins, and all members of the blood pledge can enter.

After entering the training ground, you need to consume otherworldly scrolls, summon monsters, and battle.

Otherworldly scrolls are dropped when killing bosses in daily and weekly gameplay, hero hunting, bounty hunters and more.

You can get basic honor coins and random rewards by killing otherworldly beasts. Random rewards include equipment, materials, skill books, crafting scrolls and other rare items of different qualities.

The purpose of the training field is to invite players to participate more in daily activities and gameplay, and at the same time promote the cohesion of players in the blood pledge. Players with otherworldly scrolls will be more likely to gain the acceptance of a blood pledge and create greater comradery and gameplay with other members.

Blood Pledges Relationships:

Relationship between blood pledges can be either friendly or hostile.
In the competitive gameplay of blood pledges, the friendly and hostile
relationship is the relationship between the alliance and the

GAMA Siege War:

A single server acts as the environment for the game. Sign up and declare war with a blood pledge on the server as a unit. You must be a member of a blood pledge to participate, and only blood pledge leaders can declare war.

  • The siege battle is divided into two parts: the preparation stage and the siege stage.
  • During the preparation stage, a blood pledge leader who meets the specified blood pledge level requirements and the number of blood pledge members who are required to join for a declaration of war.
  • Enter the siege stage after a successful declaration of war. The siege is divided into three stages:
  1. First, clear the guard soldiers and guard leaders outside the city gate.
  2. Break down the city gates and defense towers.
  3. Fight against the elite members of GAMA Castle's current guardian blood pledge, with the ultimate goal being to kill the blood pledge leader.
  • The defender can hire AI guards of different strengths and numbers and consume honor coins to strengthen the defense and HP of city gates and defense towers.
  • The attacker can consume honor coins and materials to build siege equipment to participate in the attack on city gates and defensive towers.
  • The siege battle has a time limit. When the siege phase ends, if the attacker cannot kill the defending blood pledge leader, they will lose.


There are multiple PVE modes that players can enjoy in game such as the limited-time dungeon, adventure dungeon, and boss dungeon.

Limited-Time Dungeon:

For a limited time, players can enter different dungeon maps according to their level and need to go idle and hunt for treasure. Each dungeon drops different items. If the time limit is exceeded, the player will be forced to quit the instance, but time can be replenished by using time stones which can be purchased in game.

Types of dungeons: Misty Island, Forgotten Fortress, Abandoned Lands, Forbidden Towers

Island of the Mist: Acceleration Potion, Gold Coins, EXP, Universal Elixir Fragments.

Forgotten Fortress: Experience, Speed Potion, Universal Elixir Fragment.

Abandoned Lands: Arcane Ink, Acceleration Potion, Enhancing Scroll, Universal Elixir Fragment, Primary Crafting Materials, Intermediate Crafting Materials.

Forbidden Tower: Secret Ink, Acceleration Potion, Enhanced Scroll, Universal Elixir Fragment, Primary Production Material, Intermediate Production Material, Advanced Production Material, Equipment Box.

Dungeon System Adventure Dungeons

Fantasy Labyrinth

Players can participate when they reach level 30. It opens 3 times a week. There are in total 20 floors at fantasy labyrinth and players race against each other to reach higher floors. Once you reach the 20th floor, you are rewarded with a fantasy treasure chest.

There are 4 portals in each of the first 19 floors, and only 1 can access to the next floor. Stepping on the wrong portal will trigger random events: drop 1-3 floors, return to the starting point of the current floor, and encounter a maze monster challenge. If you defeat the monster, you can pass the floor, and if you fail, you will drop 1-3 floors. You won’t drop further in the first 5 floors.

There will be progress rewards on the 5th, 10th, and 15th floors. Rewards in the event and defeating monsters have a chance to get the maze props "Dispel Dust" and "Magic Light". Maze props could be used to close the wrong portal. Each season is ranked according to play contributions, and gifts are awarded according to this ranking.

Every week, players will be ranked according to the progress of each event in the week, and corresponding rewards can be obtained according to the ranking. Every Monday at GMT+8 5:00, the system will automatically refresh the season rankings.

Secret Garden

Players can participate when they reach level 30. It opens every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday night from GMT +8 19:00 to 20:00.

After entering the dungeon, you will get experience rewards every 10 seconds. Players and comrades in the dungeon compete for experience in some areas where you can get up to 5 times more EXP.; and you cannot get experience bonuses in a safe area.

Each player has a bonus time of 15 minutes, after which they cannot continue to gain experience.

Essence Cave

Players can participate when they reach level 30. It refreshes every 24 hours. Players can collect magic essence every day and search for magic essence points of different yields. The more essences in the collection point, the longer the collection time. High-quality magic dolls will increase the efficiency of essence collection. Players can not only keep the collection points they find, but also plunder the collection points of others. The same collection point can only be plundered twice. Essence can be traded to a special NPC to buy supplies

Boss Dungeons

Bounty Hunter

Open when the player level reaches level 40 or above; Players can enter the dungeon to challenge the boss monster after receiving the bounty task;

There are 3 chances to participate in the bounty task every day. If the challenge fails or the time is exceeded, the chance will not be deducted. If the player voluntarily gives up the bounty task, one chance will be deducted;

The higher the difficulty index of the leader, the higher the reward score; In the dungeon, players can find bound hands to help challenge monsters in the world and the blood pledge. There can be up to 3 helpers, and they can also get points for assisting the battle;

After the challenge is successful, the reward earned will be sent through the system email; Every week, players will be ranked according to the points obtained by the player's bounty task, and corresponding rewards will be issued according to the ranking.

Field Boss

Boss will randomly appear at a certain place at a certain time and will require players to find its exact location. Players will get exclusive rewards upon successfully killing the boss.

Brave Hunt

When the player reaches level 35, Brave Hunt will be activated. It will be activated from GMT+8 20:00 to 20:20 every day. Players can choose leaders of different levels to challenge; The player's damage ranking will be recorded during the hunting process, and the rewards will be settled according to the damage ranking after the event; If you successfully kill the boss monster, there will be exclusive rewards and kill rewards




In-Game Equipment NFTs

Players can use GAMA Coin to turn regular equipment into NFT equipment, the process is described below:


Dual-token Economy:

War of GAMA uses the dual-token economy to build up a sustainable War of GAMA metaverse.

There are two kinds of tokens that our users should pay attention to, utility token and governance token. In-game utility token is called Kingdom Coin and is exchangeable 1:1 with War Token which is an on-chain utility token. War Token ($WARC) and GAMA Token ($GAMA) will be available on Solana.

Kingdom Coin/War Token ($WARC) is the F&E and also the utility token that our players are able to earn through in-game activities. As it has a limited supply, each time a War Token is spent, it will be circulated back to the reserve to be made available again.

GAMA Token will be the governance token and our users can stake GAMA Token to vote on the game direction. Like War Token, it has a limited supply and is regulated for the sustainable economy of the game. It is used for NFTs sales, trading of NFTs, Kingdom Coin/$WARC withdrawal tax, transaction tax and premium loot boxes

Kingdom Coin/War Token (Utility Token):

Kingdom Coin and War Token($WARC) are interchangeable and can be used interchangeably at a 1:1 ratio. We use Kingdom Coin to describe in-game utility coins while we use War Token ($WARC) to describe on-chain utility tokens.


War Token ($WARC)


Limited (1,000,000,000)

Kingdom Coin/$WARC is the F&E utility token in which all the players can begin to earn at level 30. The exception are players that own an NFT; they can earn Kingdom Coin/$WARC even at level 1 progression if they have an NFT. Note that this exception rule has a waiting time of 24 hours.

Players can increase the Kingdom Coin/$WARC earning cap by increasing the progression level and NFT bonus. There is a maximum cap of 3,600 Kingdom Coins/$WARC that can be earned in a single day.

F&E Progression Level for Kingdom Coin:

Kingdom Coin/$WARC Cap:

  • Max Cap can be raised through levels.
  • Max Cap can be raised by having NFTs.

Note that when tokenized game items(mint) are transferred, there is a cooldown 2 times of 24 hours in the staking cap.

Earning and Using Kingdom Coin/War Token:

Players can earn Kingdom Coin/War Token ($WARC) in many ways such as quests, fulfilling of in-game objectives, PVP and PVE. There are many uses for Kingdom Coin/$WARC such as using it for F&E loot boxes which may contain rare items and gamification currencies.

Mining (How to earn Kingdom Coin/$WARC)

PVP, PVE and others (tasks or events).

Spend (Use Case)

Reinforce weapons with extra values

Morph and spirit fusion (Unique → Epic → Legend)

Craft blue/red/purple equipment

Pay trading fee (above 10K diamonds item trading for in-game auction)

Reroll attributes on items.

Governance Of Use:

Trading Limitations:

No in-game exchange or transfer of Kingdom Coins/$WARC between players, players can only buy Kingdom Coins/$WARC on blockchain.

Withdrawal Limits

No more than 3,600 Kingdom Coins/$WARC can be withdrawn from game to chain in a single day.

GAMA Token is used as the main medium for buying or selling of NFTs in the War of GAMA NFT Marketplace.

At the same time, it is also used as the transaction tax when trade is required in the web3 marketplace. The transaction tax will be set
at 6% (TBD).

GAMA Token can also be used to purchase for the premium loot boxes and for new NFTs mint.

Holders of the GAMA Token will be able to vote when it comes to content releasing, collaboration decision etc. Other DAO features will
be introduced in the future.

Spend (Use Case)

  • Trading of NFTs
  • Transaction tax in the web 3 marketplace
  • Premium web 3 loot box
  • Convert game items into NFTs
  • Vote in governance decision making
  • Withdraw War Token

Fusion system

The Fusion System:

Players can pay a certain fee on the website to merge four morph or spirit NFTs of equal rarity into a card of a higher rarity. For example, four rare spirit NFTs can merge into one unique spirit NFTs.

Rarity upgrade results are random – players can either receive a singular card of higher rarity or a singular card of the original rarity.

Reroll system

The Rerolling System:

Players can pay War Tokens to refine the additional attributes in-game, and they will get new attributes with random tiers from the NFT rarity table.

Players can also pay Kingdom Coin to refresh the appearance of their NFTs to get a brand-new appearance at random. The ring of light on the NFT can also be rerolled with Kingdom Coin


Sales of the first batch of NFTs will be through the loot box where a limited number of NFTs will be minted.The first NFT items to be implemented in the game will be the morph cards and spirit, which players can use to change their characters’ outlook, and have bonus attributes in the battle. Each NFT morph card will consist of a unique combination of bonus attributes. NFT morph and spirit cards essentially unlock the in-game fight and earn functionality by staking and gaining additional bonuses to level up their in-game experience. The exact combination of traits will determine the overall rarity of the morph card NFT and the resulting background color of the portrait.The following table showcases the rarity of the first NFT mint.

The Rerolling Mechanism

Players can pay War Tokens to refine the additional attributes in-game, and they will get new attributes with random tiers from the above table.

The Merging Mechanism (Available in the future): 

Players can pay a certain fee on the website to merge four morph or spirit NFTs into a better one. For example, four rare spirit NFTs can merge into one unique spirit NFTs.


Morph Card NFTs:

Current in-game morph cards have 5 different tiers: Common, Rare, Unique, Epic, and Legend. It will mainly be differentiated by base attributes. Only cards above rare will be made into NFT.

The table below shows the different rarities of morph card NFT.

The Morph Card NFT will have 3~4 random additional attributes according to the table below.

Spirits NFTs:

Besides morph card NFTs, the spirits will also be made into NFTs. The table below shows the different rarities of NFT.

The Spirits NFT will have 3~4 random additional attributes according to the table below.


Players only have a limited amount of time per day to enable earning functionality. Players can get extra time by using in-game diamonds to buy time stones.

When a player equips a morph card/summoned spirit with a rarer quality, they can use more time stones. The table below shows the number of time stones a player can use while equipping a morph card/summoned spirit of different qualities.

NFT Overview

Buying and locking your NFTs into the game:



War of GAMA has already a well-established team with nearly 3 years of gamedevelopment and the game is 90% complete. This will drastically reduce the otherwise 18-24 months of development that other projects usually have, to give War of GAMA a shortened lead time of this roadmap.


This whitepaper is a constantly evolving document that reflects the latest decisions made by the design team, and as such, is subject to change.